Friday, June 29, 2012

Our week in George: Day #3

This was a chill day at home. We woke up late, had coffee and rusks and then Yuseon told Paul to get their suit-case out of the garage. It was prezzy time! They'd packed a huge luggage bag full of gifts for their South African family (that includes me and Dave, yay). We also had quite a few gifts for them to take home but sadly the photo's I took of the handmade gifts were lost. I would very much have liked to share them with you:(  Any way, this is how the day started.  

-Dave designed Paul and Yuseon a very special book with photo's he took of them when we first met Yuseon about three and a half years ago (top two photo's). Then, what was a Borrat mustache, became a Freddy Mercury mustache when Paul put it on.... and then when we looked through the photo's later we saw "where's Waldo?". Waldo would be very jealous of  Paul's stripy shirt! The last pics of me (at the bottom here) are of the most amazing dress that Yuseon had bought me. She didn't even ask me what my size was and when I tried it on, it was a perfect fit! It's just beautiful, thanks you guys, for all our beautiful gifts-  
-I dubbed this battle "Rosemary River" because of the big Rosemary bush on the left there and when it rains the water is lead through this blue pipe into the bedding, making a river. Any way, Dave saw these little army men and was overcome with nostalgia. Missing his brother, he bought a pack and put it away until he would see his brother once again... and the outcome was war!-

 -time for Sunday Lunch, the South African way. Especially for Yuseon, Dave's Dad made roast lamb which cooked all day. It was delicious! Dave's Mom made all the veggies (also traditionally South African) of course, yummmmm! After lunch we went to the Botanical gardens to play a bit of cricket. I suck at sports. Dave's Mom, on the other hand, kicked ass!-


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