Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our week in George: Day #4

What a busy day this was! We started this day with a visit to the Hartenbos Museum. How interesting! They have all types of antique and traditional implements used by the Voortrekkers/Boere(this is what you might call the "old folk people" of South Africa, in the times before electricity). When they were still nomads they traveled in wagons we called the ossewa. When they started settling, they used peach pips to decorate they're floors(as shown in the second row, third photo). But what interested me most were the textiles of course...  

-such pretty textiles, dainty knits, fine crochet and lovely granny floral prints. Every wagon displayed in this museum was equipped with the most beautiful hand-sewn quilt. Every item in this museum is an original, all these things have been made, used, worn, by these people many years ago-

-After the museum, we went to the Sea Gypsy for lunch. It's a seafood restaurant at the Mossel Bay harbour, right on the sea! The view while you eat is amazing and so is the food-

-such beauty! We walked this Nature trail at the Mossel Bay lighthouse, we couldn't really get a picture of the lighthouse for the trail. The view of the sea while walking is unbelievable and the air is so fresh. As you walk this path, you realize every now and then that you are quite high up and the way down is scary and rocky. Then you look up and the beauty of this place overcomes you. As you stare at the swells and the waves crashing up against the rock way down below, it feels like you're about to be engulfed by this mass of deep dark blue-

-The day came to a relaxing end at home while Dave's mom performed "dances with chickens" and made her delicious cheese bread. Dave's dad braai'd (it's like barbeque only better) the chicken and the rest of us became couch potatoes till the food was ready. We chilled, we ate and the rest is history-


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