Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Outfit Love: warm vintage browns

So...I had this bag full of off-cuts my Gran gave me a few years back and the other day I decided to go through it. Guess what I found? Rolled in a bundle and tied up was the hem of one of my Gran's vintage dresses which she probably shortened and couldn't get herself to throw the excess fabric away. So I decided to make myself a bodycon skirt.
  • Thrifted Crochet Scarf - a lovely warm vintage brown scarf
  • Fabric Brooch - an OddOneOut Vintage Range from R40 each
  • Carved Shell Necklace - Found this beauty in Matchbox, it was only R10, I had to replace the chain, but now it's good as new.
  • Knit Pullover - from Mr.Price, they have them in a variety of colours, but this one goes with almost everything<3
  • Bodycon Skirt - Here it is, my one hour skirt. Yes, it was that quick and easy to make. I will doing a d.i.y. on a similar one soon.
  • Leggings - also from Mr. P, love them!  

   -This gorgeous bag, my Gran made me when I was still studying, she saw me struggling with my heavy library books when I visited one day and the next time I saw here she gave this bag to me. Now isn't this necklace just something else?-


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  1. The skirt looks great. That necklace is amazing.


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