Monday, June 25, 2012

Our week in George: Day #2

Hi-ya friends! What a strange month this has been. The first week I had fun in George, the second week I got sick, the third I got busy and then sick again. Now I'm starting to recover and I even know what day it is again. So to catch-up with you guys, I've decided to do a double header this week. This means that I will be doing two posts per day this whole week. I hope you're ready for some fun...

-this day we drove out to Mossel Bay, enjoyed the beautiful scenery while the boys played a bit of Rugby on the beach and a strange old man spent the day with his Dachshund-

-we drove a bit further where we stopped at another beach to enjoy the calm of the waves, the gathering Kelp Gulls and the way the earth became darker and all the electric lights started flickering across the waters. We then ended the night with the most delicious dinner at a restaurant which name I have now forgotten but will post as soon as I remember, cause it was great!-


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