Wednesday, September 4, 2013

30 Skirts in 30 Days: #3 Silky Paisleys

Oh my goodness! Hi friends, what a crazy work day I had yesterday! It was bad enough having to do work that I'm not cut out for but then technology had to drop me at every opportunity. Don't you just hate days like those! You can't just struggle in peace, you have to deal with incompatible flashdrives, out dated or different software versions, incompatible file formats and at the end of it all... A Damn Corrupt File! So I had to do about five hours worth of work from scratch! Phew! Now that I've got that out of the way, now you know why I didn't have a post yesterday. I was all dressed and looking so cute(if I don't say so myself) and then I didn't have time to do the photo or the post.

I will fit in a double post for you some or other time but for now, here is today's.

 -This is such a lovely skirt. I bought it from the loveliest stall at the Rooftop Market in Rosebank when we still lived in Pretoria. This stall stocked the most beautiful pure silk garments. Some were silk screened and others were block printed. The flow of this skirt is lovely, it is a wrap skirt which makes it very comfortable. In the past, it has been quite difficult to make up an outfit with this skirt due to it's colour combination. But it worked out quite fine today-

-it might be a little difficult to see it on this picture but the tiny patterns that look like flowers, are actually paisley designs-

Happy mid-week to everyone!


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