Tuesday, September 10, 2013

30 Skirts in 30 Days: #7 Plaid in Grey

Sunday was a grey day and my outfit added to my grey mood. I developed such a terrible headache and was feeling quite crappy. Thanks to my cousin Zandienne from Pretoria, my day turned out really great! It was such fun chatting to her over Skype. She really knows how to make me feel better. I miss my family so much! Dave and I, my parents and little brother are all going up to Pretoria for my grandmother and my joint birthdays in two weeks time. I cannot wait to see them all again!

-another Mr.Price buy, I bought this skirt about five years ago and I still love it! The added pockets are so awesome. This skirt can be worn both formal and informal-

What do you guys do to brighten your mood when your feeling grey? Please leave a comment, I would love to hear your what you have to say.



  1. Pockets on skirts are the best. I just have a long bath if I can when I'm not feeling great.

    1. love pockets on skirts! Thanks, I think a long aromatic bath sounds like the best remedy for a grey mood :)


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