Saturday, September 7, 2013

30 Skirts in 30 Days: #6 The High-low

Just a quick share! I bought this skirt from Mr.Price in January of this year. I loved that it is made of a cotton knit and the colour is beautifully soft. I do find that this particular High-low is designed for ladies of over 2 meters tall. Seeing the photo Dave took for my skirt challenge, I realise that I will have to wear this skirt with SUPER HIGH heals. It had also been dragging on the ground as I walk.

Besides all that I had an awesome Saturday with Dave, we went through to Cape Town for the day and attended our very first Design Team Sale. We then went to Charlie's Bakery but the queue was so long that we decided to go to Honest Chocolate instead. We ended our day with a browse in the Canal Walk mall. What a nice day, Dave really spoiled me! I will share these titbits soon.

-hope you enjoy a lovely rest of your weekend-


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