Wednesday, September 18, 2013

30 Skirts in 30 Days: #17 Thrifty Florals

Well, I suddenly drew a blank. How's that? Any of you fellow bloggers experienced that before? Usually (even if it's not much) I know exactly what I want to say. But now... hmmm. One thing I know is that I'm still freezing and there's more rain and a cold front on the way. Unfortunately, we will be missing out on this year's Whale Festival which starts this Friday. Another unfortunate thing is that, looking at the weather forecast, it looks like this year's Whale Festival will be an even colder and wetter one than the last.

I really must say, I had thought this challenge would be one warm enjoyable challenge. It turned out to be just a CHALLENGE! It is so difficult to have Spring in my heart and Winter in my wardrobe. I'm getting stuck, creatively. I put a lovely outfit together and then I have to find Winter warmers to cover it all up on account of the weather. I'm getting to the point where I just grab one of two jerseys just to stay warm.  

-okay... so, I found this skirt at Matchbox about a year ago. It's handmade with a draw string at the waist, no pleats, no elastics nothing. A very plain, quick sew skirt. I have warn this skirt many times and I'm in love with the floral print! However, I feel it has served it's purpose as a skirt and want to turn it into a romper. What do you think? It would make the loveliest playsuit and I bought the perfect pattern a few months ago but couldn't find suitable fabric-


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  1. That would be so cute. I accidentally found a romper last year. I thought it was a nice summer dress and didn't even try it on, but when I got home I saw there was something going on when I tried to put it on :D It's also blue florals, so we could match.


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