Friday, September 6, 2013

30 Skirts in 30 Days: #4 Satin Colours

Oh what a day! I felt like a roller coaster had chewed me up and spat me out! ...And on the other hand, I felt so summery yet it's still quite cold here! I so wanted to wear my new cardi, so I did and I half froze to death! I bought it on the Woolworths Winter Sale, it's so lovely! It's a mixture of Acrylic, Nylon, Viscose and Cotton. It has that "comfy-worn" feel to it and I really love the texture. I would say it's more a Fall cardigan, it's light, airy and cool to wear. So it's perfect for Spring although it's a bit too cold still. I'm babbling again, aren't I.... my head is in about a million places right now so I hope you forgive my yabbering.

Back to the skirt then? Okay! This skirt, I found at a local Indian clothing store when I still lived in Pretoria. It's the most synthetic satin you can get but it feels awesome on freshly shaven legs (hehehe). For some reason I keep hanging on to it, I take it out during the first week of Spring, wear it once and the pack it away again. Weird how one mood and brain works sometimes. 

 -I know I look funny in this photo but I couldn't help looking at the stars. They are extra bright tonight due to the New Moon. Wow, there are so many! Our town is still quite small and there aren't as many lights as there are in big cities so we can even see the milky way with the naked eye from where we stay. It really is amazing... rambling again, sorry :P -

 -It's hard to put this skirt in a style category, I do want to say I'm getting a bit of an Art Nouveau vibe but I don't know. Maybe a slight hint of African design? What do you think?



  1. I went a little crazy at the Woolworths sale this year :) I bough two long cardigans and two short ones for summer. It's amazing what they can do with acrylic these days, they are so soft and comfy.

  2. I know, I could hardly believe that it had acrylic and nylon in, it not scratchy or shiny at all! It actually has a cotton/linen feel to it.


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