Tuesday, September 10, 2013

30 Skirst in 30 Days: Lovely Lilies

Ah....Tuesday is gone. We had a lovely bit of rain this morning. I must say, it's taking quite a while for me to feel myself again. I feel a bit lost... 

Thank you for following my blog and all my endeavours. It makes such a difference just knowing that I have friends out there that care and maybe I'm not the only one feeling under the weather.

To share with you todays skirt, I found this lovely pencil skirt at one of our local charity shops. The brand is Zara and it has illustrated St. Joseph Lilies printed on it.

 -I think I might just add a slit or two on this skirt, it's really difficult to walk in it. I love the illustration on it and the colours are soothing to me-

-be nice to strangers-
-everyone is fighting a hard battle-
~me& Plato~


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  1. Oh, what a nice find. I found a white blazer from Zara a while back.


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