Thursday, September 19, 2013

30 Skirts in 30 Days: #18 Raccoon in Red

Hahaha....I'm not the lady in red, I'm the Raccoon in Red. Okay, I'm sorry. I get weird when I'm freezing. I here it's scorching in Pretoria, I simply cannot wait anymore! We're road tripping straight into Summer, yay! This has been the longest Winter since we moved to Hermanus three years ago.

Back to the skirt, This pretty little number has made an appearance on my blog before (have a look here). I bought this skirt when I was still in high school at a shop called Smileys. Some of my South African followers might recall this lovely retail store. Yes, I still wear it very often. Though the length is out of fashion, I don't feel I want to shorten it. It's just so comfortable and if it was creased coming out of my closet, by the time I walk out the door the creases are gone. It's strange, they just seem to fall out.

just a quick what's what: 
-My Raccoon beanie is from Mr.Price
-This lovely red jersey, my friend Adrienn gave me
-My pretty Smileys skirt is made of a 100% Viscose
-My cosey textured stockings are from Woolworths
-My sexy laser cut heels are from Ackermans

...and only two more sleeps before we leave


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