Saturday, September 14, 2013

30 Skirts in 30 Days: #13 My First Sewing Project

Today has been a sort of a lazy Saturday. We've just been chilling at home, Dave was watching the rugby and I've been crocheting on my latest project. As this was a stay-in day, I decided to dig out an old skirt that I made back when I was still in High School. I took an old jean and cut off the legs. I then took some strips of vintage fabric my Gran had given me at the time and sewed it along the new hem. The jean I had used didn't have back pockets so I cut back pockets out of another old pair of trousers and sewed them onto the back of the jean. And this was the result...

 -looking at it now, I cringe seeing all the loose threads hanging all over the place. No seams, very shoddy work... I've never been very good with a sewing machine-

-This is one skirt I will probably keep forever. My very first sewing project (done all by myself), my very own idea back then and not to mention the piece of fabric I used is very sentimental (having belonged to my Gran)-

What was your first ever sewing project?

-enjoy the rest of your weekend-



  1. My very first sewing project was a backpack we made at school. I had to learn to sew again when I started again because I couldn't remember anything.

    1. well at least did the sewing yourself, I always had my mom or aunt or grandmother do my sewing for me :) probably why I'm still having a hard time sewing today...


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