Tuesday, September 17, 2013

30 Skirts in 30 Days: #16 My Mom's Skirt and a Wolf

Okay, it's Tuesday! Three day to go then we are off (I mean up) to Pretoria! We're taking a road trip with my parents and little brother... I can't wait anymore! I'm getting ideas ready to make prezzies for everyone and I might even be there for the birth of my best friend's baby! Crazy exciting!

Now for the skirt... Today's skirt, is quite special. It was my mom's, she wore it when I was about 8, I think. She threw out a bunch of her old clothes when I started studying and of course I got the first pick. I took a few of her vintage items (1989-1995), that count as vintage, right? I wore them proudly throughout my studies at the Tshwane University of Technology. Knowing that I was wearing authentic 1980's to 1990's fashion when the trend made a comeback in the 21st Century.

Here I'm wearing my mom's office skirt, it's a wrap pencil skirt design. Oh, I'm also wearing my Wolfy that Dave got me in January and hid from me up until a month ago... I woke up one morning (he'd already gone to work) when I turned to his side of the bed, there was a wolf on his pillow staring back at me. It was quite fitting to wear him on my head today as there is a full moon tonight, hahaha.

 -The skirt is from Woolworths, it's a 100% Linen with a Viscose/Polyester lining. I might even use this skirt to draw a pattern, it's such a simple design. You hold it outstreched behind you, then your left hand folds the one edge over to your right and fastens with a hidden button. Then your right hand folds the other edge around and over to you left where it fastens with a show-off button-

-see? this would be so easy to make, I might just do one-

Do you have any sentimental vintage items that you still have or wear today? I'd love to see, leave me a link in the comments below if you have picture of it on the interweb.


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  1. I only have a few pieces from my mom. I wish she's kept more of her clothes from when she was younger. Sometimes we'll see clothes that come back into fashion and she'll say: Oh, I had one of those.


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