Monday, September 2, 2013

30 Skirts in 30 Days: #2 - 1970's Flair

Happy Monday, friends! It was such a beautiful day today. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the gardens are filled with the most beautiful flowers. It was still quite freezing though. I've been so busy lately, doing a lot more freelance work for the company Dave works for and Dave is using the camera at work more often. So please bare with me during this time. I will still complete the 30 Projects as I continue with my 30 Skirts in 30 Days challenge.

I don't know if you can remember, last year, I did an Outfit Love post where I was showing off a re-fashioned vintage skirt I had found at one of our local charity shops, here. Well, today I wore that same skirt as a dress. Along with my Vintage Grandpa cardi, my vintage leather belt (all sourced from local charity shops) and my cute new Cotton On pumps.

 -I just love these 1970's colours! The Designers back then really seemed to have fun, with bold colour combinations and striking floral patterns... I have always wished I lived in a different era and the 70's has always been one of my favourite fashion era's. Speaking of different era's, have any of you  watched Midnight in Paris? It's about wanting to live in a different era and then magically doing just that. The movie was quite cute and very light to watch but it lacked visual creativity. I've never seen a movie, set in Paris, that was as bland and dull as this one. But, I liked the story and I like Owen Wilson so I hate to admit that I've already watched it three times-

-a close-up for you, so you can see the vintage prettiness! If you look closely, you can see that this pattern was hand drawn. I love the colours, they're so inspiring. They make me feel quite Groovy, Baby Yeah! Hahahaha-

What era do you like best, please share:)


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  1. What a fun print. I like this era best because I get to pick and choose from all the others :)


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