Thursday, May 30, 2013

30 Days of Dresses: Dress #30

Yay! I'm done! Its been a crazy time. So many things happening, crazy things and exciting things. We sold our car, it was taken away today. It happened way faster than we thought, so now we're without wheels. It's quite crazy, I know. I think sometimes in life we are forced to rely on others because if it were up to Dave and I, we'd never ask for help. We don't like to burden anyone with our problems. But then life happens and we're left with no choice... This might just turn out to be the start of quite an interesting adventure. It's really not easy to have to depend on someone else to get buy. A HUGE thank you to friends and family who have helped us in the past and still continue to help where ever you can, we really couldn't do it with out all of you!

This challenge has taught me so many things! Things like, how to get creative with a limited wardrobe, how to use what I've got and also what I need in order to extend my outfit possibilities. Something quite personal that I got out of doing this challenge is that I'm not quite as ugly as I feel and that complete strangers aren't remotely as critical as I am of myself. Thank you for your kindness friends, I hope you stick around long enough for us to become friends.

This is it then, Dress #30, the last one of the challenge...

 -this is a really lovely dress, I'm not big on the whole"animal print" trend but this one kinda chose me-

   -the posy in my hair, I made while experimenting with flower making techniques(still working on it). This silvers star necklace was given to me when I was a little girl. I cannot quite remember who gave it to me but I had it for, like, ever! I still love it, there's something magical about it-

-so that is that for this challenge, hope you'll join in the fun with my next challenge-   


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  1. I'm also not that into animal print, but I love this! It's almost hypnotic :) That first photo is so fun. Other people are never as critical as we are of ourselves. It has been so exciting looking forward to your new post every day for the last month. I'm going to miss it.


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