Monday, May 6, 2013

30 Days of Dresses: Dress #6

Shades of Grey and a tiny hint of red... I must say, it is getting much cooler now. I'll have to start wearing a bit more layers. This outfit was fine till about 5 pm, then I had to put something warmer on. What I love about this dress is that it is a great "between seasons" kind of a dress. The knit cotton fabric makes it warm enough for cool breeze of Autumn. The cold shoulders makes it cool enough for the heat of the midday sun, which (by the way) is still quite scorching.   

 -man, I love it when Dave takes my photo's! just look at the lovely flair he managed to get for me-
oh deer! what happened to the D in "Cold Shoulder Dress"? above

 -here you can see my dress' cold shoulder detail-

-this one's for my aunt Bernadette, I know you'll absolutely love these! I do-

So day 6 is done and I am really struggling not to put my jeans on in the mornings... This is a much bigger challenge than I thought! It has it's good points though. This challenge forces me to plan my wardrobe for the next day, it forces me to get creative because of the cooler weather and it forces me to wear the stuff I have in my closet. Not to get stuck on a hand full of items which have become my comfort zone. 

Oh, I'm participating in another group giveaway! This one is for my friend Natasha's birthday, it starts tomorrow! Keep an eye out...


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