Monday, May 20, 2013

30 Days of Dresses: Dress #20

Ooooh... Happy Monday! You've probably noticed my written work has become a bit distant... I've been struggling with quite a bit of sadness. As most of you who read my blog know, I lost my Grandad last year and also our two family Dachshund doggies a year apart. There's been quite a lot of underlying sadness that I suppress and then it surfaces every now and again. Like today, we finally set up our old PC which has a working CD-Rom so now I can access all our backed-up photo's which I haven't even been able to blog since the move 5 months ago. So I was looking for some images and came across pictures of my Grandad with Vicky on his lap... naturally the tears started flowing. And than last week I had this terrible back pain that just wouldn't go away. Anyway, we are all fighting our own hard battles just like that pin says. I just hope you'll be kind to me as I am to you.

Today's dress was on it's way out but after seeing how this outfit turned out I think I might just keep it. I haven't warn this dress in over four years and just as I was ready to let it go it managed to grab hold of me once again.   

 -the colour combo is so different to anything I would normally put together but paired with this Grandpa cardi I found at the animal welfare shop last year... it's almost like the dress was just waiting for the right company. These stockings are so awesome, I bought them at Woolworths, they are Body Sensor Temperature Control stockings. They're perfect for the cooler weather and I love that they're vertically ribbed! It gives it a bit of a 1920's look-

-There is this really awesome bead shop in Pretoria called House Beads, I don't know if they're still there but I found these tiny buttons, purple crochet beads and purple shell Frangipani flower there when we were still staying there. I strung all the buttons onto some cotton thread and crocheted plain chain stitch till I felt it was thick enough. It's quite easy but took quite a while to finish-


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