Wednesday, May 22, 2013

30 Days of Dresses: Dress #22

What a huge disappointment! I took some before photo's of this crochet dress I bought at the Hospice shop. It was cream with orange detail, it looks like the orange yarn wasn't colour fast when the original owner washed it. The cream part was full of orange stains. Naturally, I though, "awesome, I'll just dye it" and so I did. Now when I started editing my photo's for this post, every image I took on the day is there except the images of this dress! All this effort and now I can't even show you what the dress looked like before I dyed it! Sometimes technology really sucks!

 -above are the images of the dye I used, all the instructions are on the back of the container. Dying fabric is much easier than most people think.
  1. soak the fabric that you want to dye in clean water, make sure that it is wet all over(this will insure that the dye will distribute more evenly). Squeeze out all the excess water and place in the prepared dye-bath.
  2. follow instruction as to how long your fabric should be emerged in the dye-bath, stirring regularly.
  3. drain dye-water, rinse thoroughly and hang out to dry. (I put my fabric in the washing machine with a cup of salt water and put it on the rinse&spin cycle)
 -it turned out so pretty, considering I'm now the only person who knows what it looked like before I dyed it-

 -The polka dotted pussy bow blouse is of pure silk and vintage in design, I found it at a charity shop-
-So this is the AFTER photo of the dyed crochet dress revamp-

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