Monday, May 27, 2013

30 Days of Dresses: Dress #25

Hi Friends! No, I didn't get lazy and skip the weekend. I went out with my parents and little brother on Friday and got sick after having a Blueberry milkshake and a plate of chips at a restaurant in Somerset Mall. I was sick throughout the weekend with terrible nausea, severe cramps, headaches. I have never had such terrible cramps in my life! It felt like someone was playing pin-the-tail-on-the-intestines with a butcher knife. I realized that the only thing that could be making me so ill was all the milk I had on Friday, as I got sick straight after I'd finished my massive milkshake. And again on Sunday night after eating half a slab of chocolate with Dave. So now I have a huge problem! How am I ever going to cut milk out of my diet? I'm addicted to coffee and chocolates...

...back to the dress challenge, here is Sunday's dress. Note how puffy my face is, that's from my not feeling very well and having a terrible night with almost no sleep.

 -Sunday was quite a bit cooler which gave me the opportunity to wear this amazing dress that Yuseon(my sister-in-law) gave me. All the way from South Korea! It really is beautiful with it's soft layers and boho pattern design-

 -my hand cut leather heart trio necklace (OddOneOut) I kept one for myself. I'm so glad I did because the whole batch I made had sold out. I really need to make some more, they're really lovely to wear. Ah, my very first genuine leather shoes! A gift from Dave. We recently opened a Woolworths account, he got a jersey and coat for work and I got THESE! We had this deal going, you see... There is a pair of shoes I love that he absolutely hates! So he said that he would get me a new pair of shoes if I throw that pair out. When we got home and I tried on my new shoes(which Dave very happily approved of) I realized something, I'll have to take photo's of the two pairs together so you can see what I a continued post. Hahahaha!


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