Tuesday, May 28, 2013

30 Days of Dresses: Dress #27

It's been a long Tuesday... We've been having our winter rain, it's the most amazing feeling to wake up during the night with the sound of raindrops against the window pane. Ha! I just thought of my previous post, I did it at 2AM and Dave only got round to reading it now. He pointed out that I made some terrible spelling mistakes. I told him that it was on account of the early morning hour I wrote the post, my concentration wasn't quite what it should've been. I will go and fix those mistakes now, I promise!

So this lovely dressy was almost thrown out a couple of times. It just never seemed to go with anything I had. Just as I was going to get rid of it for good this time, I dug it out of a storage bin and tried it on one more time. This time I think we have a winner! It's awesome how (sometimes) an outfit creates itself.   

 -the dress is from Mr.Price about 7 years ago, I've probably worn it twice. Now I'll definately wear it more often. My all time favourite scarf, Dave bought for me whilst on honeymoon. It's form a spinning mill somewhere in the Midlands Meander, Natal. This awesome scarf is made from all natural sheeps wool, carded, hand-spun and knitted by ladies on a farm. It's a little scratchy, but I love it-
-just a detail shot of my "Mori Girl" dress and my lovely scarf-
-enjoy the rest of your day-


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  1. Such a pretty dress. I love the pattern and details. Listening to the rain while falling asleep is the best.


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