Wednesday, May 29, 2013

30 Days of Dresses: Dress #28

Hi friends, can you believe it's midweek already? Well, today will be another double-header as I couldn't post on Saturday. This dress is an amazing find. Vintage and in it's original state and perfect for colder weather with it's thick fabric and long sleeves. I just can't get myself to wear it out. Maybe it's just a little too 1970's, I don't know what it is but I just don't feel comfortable wearing it in public. I thought to add this dress to the challenge to see what it really looks like on. Now I'm convinced, I'm gonna let this one go. It's slightly too big for me and I'm just too short to pull it off.

 -hehehe...I tried to do that "pose" you usually see on the packaging of those vintage patterns-

 -the detail on this dress is unbelievable! If you compare the quality of the work that went into making this dress with what you get in the shops today... This dress comes complete with an attached bow for you to tie in any which way you want-

-this dress comes complete with the most awesome belt and tiny chain. It even has a sewn in lining for the skirt part of the dress. Other than it missing a few eyelets on it's belt this dress is in perfect form for something more than 30 years old-

-I would keep this dress just to look at it now and again, I really love it! But I need to start letting go of things which are merely taking up space-



  1. You could separate it into a top and skirt to make it more wearable. I'm thinking about doing that with one of my vintage dresses. I also have a belt with a little chain like that, it's so cute :)

    1. Or give it to me because I'd love to turn it into a top. I love shirts with bows :)

  2. It is lovely, I don't think I'll be able to cut such a beautiful piece of fashion history in half!


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