Thursday, May 2, 2013

My very first Vintage dress revamp

From time to time my grandmother would send a bag full of stuff with my mom with these instructions "give this bag to Chane', tell her that she can take what she can use and the rest must go to HOSPICE". Mostly such a bag would contain clothes that someone gave her that she can't use or doesn't like. Sometimes it's a whole lot of nonsense that she bought from her local animal welfare shop that she doesn't want anymore. But now and then she would send me something that she thought I would enjoy.

In this case, however, the bag was meant for the charity shop alone. Off course I'm first going to look through the bag before I hand it over... So in between a bunch of old men's work jeans, I found this over sized printed cotton dress. At first I thought I'd use the fabric to make something else but like all things handed down to me, it started growing on me. It's been almost two years since I found this dress and with inspiration from my new peachy cardi, Natasha's post on her first fashion remake.  Here is my first attempt.

-Okay, first step would be to try on the dress. Now you can see...lots of fabric-

-Next step, I turned the dress inside out (and upside down)
-Now I can start pinning where I would like it smaller and see, I raised the hem too(as indicated with blue above)
-Then take it off, run it though the sewing machine, trim where needed, turn right side out, iron and there you have it

PS. This was so much easier than I thought it would be... to see the end result, you have to wait for my 30 Days of Dresses: Dress #2 post, a little later...


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  1. I'm so happy my attempt motivated you :D I love this print, it's so pretty.


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