Tuesday, May 28, 2013

30 Days of Dresses: Dress #26

So Monday came and went quite speedily... I was still preparing my post when suddenly, it's Wednesday! I named Monday's dress Fast Fashion because I bought this dress about four years ago and I think this style of dresses went out of style a month after I had bought it. I love it though. The colour is lovely, it's versatile and quite unique.

 -I love all the interesting details on this dress, it is really well made. My Protea print shirt is for a local shop called BigBlue, I recently died it purple. I will show the before an after soon-

 -this swallow caught my eyes just as I was walking out of the Chinese shop, I know I need to stop buying from them, sometimes I just think that they also need to eat and support their families-
-you've met my frog ring, now meet my charming wrist frog. This little fella is from the China market in Jo-burg, again, I know... he still is a beauty-


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  1. I love that shirt and that dress is perfect for our windy weather :)


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