Wednesday, May 15, 2013

30 Days of Dresses: Dress #15

A few years ago my dad through out a lot of old work clothes and among the suits and ties and shirts, I found this thickly woven cotton shirt. I kept it just in case I could do something with it someday. Then I came across this pin, which led me to this blog where this lovely lady posted a video tutorial on how to style a men's shirt into dresses and skirts. It's really cute! Do click on the link to check it out, you'll enjoy it, I did!

-I just kicked out the shoes for a more comfortable outfit, around the house. You would'nt believe how warm this outfit really is-


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  1. Oh, I've seen that but never tried it. It's such an interesting idea and you can double your wardrobe if you have a guy with big shirts around :D


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