Friday, October 15, 2010

Plastic milk bottle mobile...

In one issue of the Ideas magazine(, there was an article on recycling plastic milk bottles. They gave four templates which could be cut out of the bottles, hung with string from a smooth organic stick and functions as a room divider. So this got my creative juices flowing...
 To make your own recycled plastic heart mobile you will need:  
white plastic milk bottles, a permanent marker, a strong-sharp-needle, a thimble, a keyring, a pair of scissors, thread, string, beads and buttons in the colour of your choice.
 *With your marker, draw out the shape onto the plastic bottle(you can use any other template if you wish). 
*To make it easier to cut out the heart, I have cut the bottom of the bottle off first.
 Cut as many shapes as you want...
*Measure out the length of sting you want to use, neatly knot it around your keyring 
*From the other side of your string, thread a bead and make a knot for it to sit on, leave a space and make a knot where your shape will be placed(repeat this for the amount of beads and shapes you want on your mobile. 
*Now, using your needle and thimble, make holes in your shapes keeping an even distance between holes. Remember to make holes for your buttons as well.
 *Thread your needle with your favourite colour, make a small knot at the end and start threading through the holes you have made. 
*With the same thread, sew the heart onto your string(above the knot) through the button.

...and there you have a fresh, GREEN, present to give to someone special...or you could just keep it for yourself, hehehe!

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