Friday, November 5, 2010

Skermunkil!!! Yippee!!!

I know - I know, this post is long over due! We went to Muizenberg a while back to find Skermunkil. Katinka, a good friend of mine, had told me about the jewellery and that I would absolutely freek out! So I did a google search on Skermunkil and found Marietjie's blog, eendag op n reendag . What an inspiring blog. When I found out that there was a shop, I just had to go there.

So off we went to Muizenberg armed with our GPS and an address I got off Marietjie's blog. When we "arrived at destination" we found the place rigged with one-ways and closed off roads and suddenly Miss GPS didn't know where to go. So we went round and round the block until we eventually found a narrow little ally, which seemed to be the only way in... And there it was!     

 Isn't it just gorgeous!!! One day is one day and then I want a shop just like this beauty! Wow:P  The ice-cream colours, the wood-work, the touch of nostalgia and off course the JEWELLERY! Oh my! I want them all. I want to have a whole farm full of little Skermunkils!!!  
 I was even so fortunate as to meet Marietjie and her crew. I was so overwhelmed that it wasn't until I got home that I realized that I never asked David to take a picture of me with them. And isn't this just the coolest dog? 
Me & my Dave
This little Skermunkil hid away from me and surprised me on our 3 year wedding anniversary! Now it's mine, my PRECIOUS!!! 

It is so pretty! I just want to stare at it all day long... the craftsmanship is amazing! 


  1. you are so so so so so so cute!!!!!! oh my god!!!! your beautiful post absolutely made my day! i've had such a hectic day, i'm so tired i almost wanted to cry and then i got your message in my inbox. you rock!!! thanks millions and please come again!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Ag...I get such a warm feeling inside knowing that little old me could put a smile on someone's face...he-he! I'll definitely come visit your awesome shop again, I really LURVE your work:)

  3. Yippie! I also have that one friend! Cix-nix - jy skuld my 'n Coke;-)

  4. Snap! you'll have to wait a while to get your coke:)


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