Thursday, November 25, 2010


Wow! World Of Dogs And Cats, what a great Expo-weekend! DOGBOXSTUDIO was there to share in the fun. What an awesome turnout!

  Here, David and I are hard at work...setting up and getting ready for the big event<3 DOGBOXSTUDIO offers specialized Pet photography, personalized greeting cards, button badges and more cool things your heart will desire... Oh, aren't these two director's chairs great? I made them from Old Blue Jeans... seriously, I did!

 Ewan Strydom(and his wife, Adrienn) from the Expresso morning show, won the Celebrity Challenge with this cute Shetland Sheepdog.
I've never seen so many different breeds of cats and dogs together in one place. There were big ones, small ones, furry ones and even hairless ones.

OH MY! I nearly forgot about Rommel! South Africa's own celebrity dog, the Toyota Boxer also made an appearance at the Expo this weekend!!!

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  1. Cool post Chane' summed that up pretty well. Thanks for all your help! Without you, this would have been half as good! But you made it really good! Great to have you on OUR team!!!!


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