Friday, October 15, 2010

Yummy Hash Hearts

These came out so pretty I just had to share it! One night I told my Hubby I feel like making PRETTY FOOD tonight. My gran(we call her Ouma Pollie) gave me a bunch of recipe's which she'd torn out of some old 80's You-magazines and there I discovered a potato hash brown recipe. It took us a few hours to prepare this lovely meal...

 ...and when we we're done Dave( )just had to photograph it!
The hash browns were delish but I still need to work on my combination of tastes. I put sour cream and sundried tomatoes in between but it needs something more salty. Perhaps next time I shall try something cheesy.....mmmmm, yum!  


  1. It was almost too pretty to eat. One day we'll make you some...<3


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