Friday, August 16, 2013

Project a Day: #16 Another Owly for Leia

My goodness! I cannot believe where time has taken us! My little niece, Leia, has turned 3! Unfortunately, due to work, Dave and I couldn't celebrate her birthday with her. So I sent our present with my parents when they went to George for Leia's birthday.

 -this is my very first fabric yarn, loom knit. I used old T-shirts to make the yarn and felt off-cuts for the appliquéd bits. This owly is also a fibre scrap gobbler. I threw all my off-cuts into a bag over time and used it to stuff this owly. Talk about recycling-

-Thanks to my mom for posting the photo above, on my Facebook. Apparently, Leia was so excited when she saw this big owl. My mom says Leia just couldn't leave it alone. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that my handmade goodies make their recipients happy-  



  1. Wow, the t-shirt yarn looks really good. I also have a bag of scraps waiting to be turned into stuffing for something :)

  2. Oh Chane, Leia certainly can't leave this wee owly alone. Its beautiful a real master piece. Every morning Owly holds open her door and has certainly caught the attention from others! Thanks aunty Chane


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