Thursday, August 15, 2013

Project a Day: #15 A Japanese Rose for Lily

Just as we thought Spring had sprung early, the Winter rain hit us and it hit real hard. Besides the lovely sunny past weekend, it has been pouring for two weeks non-stop! Rivers are over flowing, roads are flooded, there is water every where! I don't mind it though, I love this weather. Besides, our region could use all the water it can get. Because of our winter-rainfall, we usually have water restrictions in the summer as most of the water evaporates in the heat of our summer sun. Then there is also the issue of the water usage doubling in summer as tourist and holiday makers stream in to our little town for the Whale season and our amazing beaches.

...but enough babbling! What I really want to talk about is my friend Lily. It was her birthday 15 July and we were all invited to celebrate with her that following Saturday at her South African family's home. The celebration was supposed to be a surprise so I browsed through Lily's Facebook photo's to get an Idea of what colours I would use to make her gift. She looked so fresh is some of her photo's, where she was wearing a bright Teal scarf so I went with that. 

 -I know Lily is Chinese but I could only find a Japanese rose pattern. The Japanese are oh so good at writing crochet patterns, they also invented the language of crochet charts-

-The rose came out kinda ombre, I love it! This was my first attempt at this pattern. I couldn't find suitable leaf patterns so I made my own. Not to bad, if I say so myself... At this moment Lily owns a one of a kind "OddOneOut" as I only made one of these, especially for her-

PS. Thanks for posting this photo on my fb wall, Lily, I'm so glad you like your gift. And you look so pretty, too :)


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