Thursday, April 12, 2012

crochet gifting

One day I strolled into my favourite secondhand shop, Matchbox, to show my friend, Irma, a owl hat I had crocheted for my friend Adrienn's baby photography business, Baby Tale. Irma loved it so much that she commissioned one for herself...only, it were to be in soft pastelly pinks, should have a flower and need not look like an owl:) Off course, now I had to find a pattern that would fit an adult... and I did, well, it fits! I found one right here. I changed the pattern to suite my friend's needs and she just loves it, yay! It makes me so happy when people get all excited over something I've made them...

...and just in time for winter which is right around the corner<3



  1. Look at that detail! I love your passion, Chane'!!!!!

  2. Oh that's so adorable. I can't wait for winter to be here and stay a while so I can dress up :)


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