Tuesday, May 17, 2011

..and all the way to Joburg!

Man, How time flies! I've got so many photo's and posts and news and awesome stuff to share and catch up on... But first, When in Gauteng we went to Joburg to do some supply sopping, and stayed over at Dave's grandparents:)
What a pretty garden...
David's grandfather (Kenneth, Morris Badenhorst) and grandmother (Hope, Deseree Badenhorst). Dave's Gran grabbed her pot of flowers for the second photo, she said that they were so pretty and are blooming now for the first time... 

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  1. Hey Chane.

    That garden always has a bit of a 'cottage' feel to it with all the colourful flowers, the kreepers, and the general greenery. Ouma Hope is a kind of Tasha Tudor of Jo'burg . . .

    Must say, the weather is always lovely there.


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