Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All the way to Pretoria...

David had two weddings to photograph in Pretoria and I tagged along... I love the long road!

On our trip we found a Tortoise in the road, David almost threw the car over not to hit the poor thing. We put it through the fence and just hope it doesn't want to "go to the other side" again like Rango... 

In Pretoria, we stayed over at my Gran's house...
William John Foxcroft(my grand father) and Paulina Foxcroft(my grand mother)

Pretty Copper Owls and age-old porcelain in my Gran's house...

These two old guys have been in my Gran's house since I can remember. They are cast busts made by Coert Steynberg a famous South African Sculptor. 

 David and I in my grand parents' backyard...
I have loads of fun memories, playing "army" with my brother in this backyard:)
These pretty Odd's I made for family and friends while visiting...I gave the others away before I could photograph them though. Anyway... hope you gals like 'em!


  1. Colourful and lovely . . . as always! Awesome picture of the 'long road'. "Ja so stap ons aan . . . oor die vlaaktes van Transvaal na Babylon katedral" (Piet Botha).^^

  2. ...was a good trip! Dont forget those thunderstorms! And then the long way back! Hey, maybe we should get your grandfather some stilettos...!!!

  3. Thanx, Paul...en ons stap wel aan! I'm still getting to all the rest of it Dave...did we take pics of the rainy weather? Hehehe... don't diss my gran'dad!

  4. These pics are great!! love the turtle he is so cute!!


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