Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello again Wolves!

We couldn't go to Joburg and not pop in at Wolves . I love that place! Just sorry I missed Angie again!  Maybe next time:(
Hello Wolves. My, how you've grown!

 Yum! ...and stuff our faces, we did!

Dave, that moustache looks rather good on you:)

Hello Angie! I made that:)
The art on the wall looks Awesome, I love the colours.

 Good Bye Wolves, Thanx for the Chappies:)



  1. I ALWAYS enjoy a visit to Wolves with you Chane'...!!!!!!

    Will be back again...!!!!!!

    Nice post Chane' - brings a smile to my face...!!!!!!!!


  2. Is it as good as it looks?

    Love that last pic' in the car, by the way!

    Absolutely fab!

  3. @David, Yay! So glad I could Make you smile! We'll definitely be back...as long as Wolves has the Chocolate Moustache on the menu...

    @ Paul, Oh, yeah! It's really good:) Love that pic too, David's chappy is almost transparent. HeHeHe!


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