Thursday, April 8, 2010

A March of many birthdays...

Hello again... March was quite a crazy month. Besides all of the crazy things that filled the month of March, there were Birthdays galore! So where do I start, in all there were nine birthday's and one baby shower. Naturally I handmade all the presents, but having had so much going on in March already, I had limited time and materials... Then one night at about midnight, I got some great ideas! For the funky yet sophisticated, I decided to crochet and make flower brooches( as I learned how to crochet flowers recently). I like to know a persons favourite colour and style, before I make them their gift. To me a gift is only worth giving if the person you're giving it to freaks out when they open their little package! And off course, it's always made with love! What I love most about giving gifts, is watching the reaction of the person receiving the gift!

Coming back to the crochet flowers, these have been made with scraps of wool(my Granny Oriel gives me her left over woolen scraps), Scraps of material(left over from my sewing projects), buttons from second hand shops and safety pins from our local R5,00-shop. The cards I put the brooches on, are old pamphlets I designed for an event I participated in.

Now, for the teenagers I made button badges from the same pamphlets as mentioned above. I painted some doodles in inc, cut them out and voila!

Oh, then I saw a piece of material that I had silkscreen printed as an experiment and thought it would make the perfect badge for the boys! I can't remember when last I had so much Fun! I was busy till about three in the morning... it paid off because they all went nuts about their prezies!    

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  1. Hello foxy! Its quite weird how our circumstances have played a part in where we find ourselves today! Doesnt always add up and make sense, but we can only go ahead from here, I mean, look where we find ourselves today! Hermanus of all places! And I think you'll agree with me that this is a beautiful place to be! I trust that the new surroundings and environment will add to your happiness, that your mind will be refreshed and that you'll flourish creatively! You are SO beautiful and are SO talented as well. I am honestly amazed at the things that you come up with and create! May your talents go from strength to strength! I love you my SexyFoxy!!! You are awesome!


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