Sunday, April 11, 2010

Making and wrapping gifts

The time has come for Tricia's(my sister-in-law) baby shower! The theme is "white&silver", as they don't yet know whether they're expecting a boy or girl. Just spent some time in the shops picking out some cute baby clothes now it's time to wrap it up...

I found an old cellphone box and sprayed it it white, then I scratched around in my "recycle" paper stash for some silver. Here is what I used to wrap her prezies.

Something was missing... a card! So, off to the computer to design a card using Photoshop's "OnOne" plug-in.

And that's it all wrapped up! The card slides in behind the "baby" cut out of the silver paper which is neatly tied up with silver satin ribbon. The smaller prezy is wrapped with silver re-used tissue paper, two hearts cut out of the last scraps of silver and white paper( the white heart being slightly bigger than the silver one). I glued the two hearts one on top of the other and sewed on a white button. The small prezy was then made up with white satin ribbon as a finishing touch.

Here's me and Tricia at her Baby shower, she's really got a glow to her.

Oh, I almost forgot, the next day is Tricia's birthday...another present is needed! I decided to make her a crochet brooch to go with the denim outfit she had recently purchased. As always everything I used to make this brooch is being re-used! I also made her a matching bead and button necklace but I cannot seem to find a photo of it anywhere.

Wrapping this gift was a little more fun! I used old newspaper adds and I wrapped each present in about five layers, then I wrapped them together in another three layers. I then wrote her a message on the package with a black marker and tied it up with a Jute string... :-)  

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