Friday, August 1, 2014

OddOneOwl Spotting!

Hey there, friends! I have to say that this year has been weighing heavily on my shoulders and from what I here, so many others are going through tough times! Whether it be emotionally, physically, financially…you name it. I have found myself blogging about my depression and that's awful! I used to escape to OddOneOut, this was my "happy place". There was this rule, you see? "If it's not positive, it doesn't get posted here!" Well, that's out the window! I started #oddoneowlspotting as a way of getting myself out of this deep dark pit. After all, how can you not smile when surrounded by beautiful, smiling owls? Only I was struggling so to get myself to write, that I didn't do this properly.

So, thanks to Natasha for joining in the #oddoneowlspotting and for featuring this challenge on Bamboo Blossom, you will receive a little #randomgiftsoflove from me soon. For my family members who participated on Facebook(…cause they're not on instagram) thank you for joining me, it was fun.

Now I would like to officially open the floor for another month of #oddoneowlspotting! Join me in the fun and see just how many there are out there! It would seem spotting owls has become somewhat of a hobby for us now.

To join the challenge, you need to:
  • follow OddOneOut on Blogloving
  • follow OddOneOut on Facebook
  • follow me on Instagram 
  • spot some owls, post at least three times a week
  • add the tag #oddoneowlspotting

On 31 August, I will do a round-up of the best #oddoneowlspotting insta-pics and post them right here on the blog. My very favourite instagram will be awarded a small oddoneout token of appreciation, my way of saying thank you for taking the time to have some fun with me.

Good luck and here's to a wonderful August!


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  1. It was fun. I thought I had more owl things, but once I started I realised I don't at all. :D


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