Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Monday Makings #16

Hey-hey! It's Monday! After a lovely weekend and Mother's Day spent with my parents… My Monday turned out not to be so happy. I really don't want to get into it now because when Dave came home he brought chocolate and we had a very nice evening. I made Nachos, we watched Grimm(quite an interesting series) and now I'm here, writing to you guys. I do feel better although, after having struggled with a very evil old lady neighbour and watching a lot of Grimm episodes… I have come to the conclusion that we might be dealing with a Hexen Beast, a witch. There is just no end to her meanness and she is harassing a lot of the other tenants in our complex as well. What a sad case, that someone would spend all of their time and energy to make other people's lives miserable. Like I said, I don't want to get into it and upset myself all over again. Let me rather show you what I did…  

Friends of ours' daughter through out some of her old clothes but before it goes to charity, she thought my mom and I might find some items useful. After all, I love reusing, remaking, and creating new things from old cast aways, so to speak. I try not to buy new, if there is anything I need I always try the secondhand and charity shops. This way you also end up giving back to your society. If we have anything we can't use anymore, it goes to the charity shops, completing a never-ending circle.  

I found a few items that will be very useful and this little yellow number is one of them.

-a very cute little tank, but with an out-dated hem line- 

-showing the lacy detail and the elasticated hem above- 

A Quick DIY
- I started by removing the hem.
-Then, measuring from the cut edge to where you want the top to sit(above or below the bellybutton), cut straight, even strands.
-Take the strands in two's and knotting them together.
-Again, tie the strands together two by two and that's that!

-Now I have a very lovely boho fringe tank. I know our Winter is upon us but I think I'll wear this tomorrow.

I hope you guys had a better day than I did.


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