Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Monday Makings #15

Hiya friends, it's Monday again! Time for making pretty things…Today's HMM was inspired by the #randomgiftsoflove I gave my Mom. Her's came about when I was visiting to do some HMM sewing, I was looking for thread in her sewing tin and came across a handful of crocheted flowers. I snuck them home, made a lariat and gave it to her the next week. She wore it to a coffee date with a friend and she loved it so much that she asked what I would charge for one. Well now I have the challenge of designing a pattern, working out my costs and making samples. This is my first sample.

-It went quicker than it should've because I got lazy with writing down what I was doing. I get too excited about my projects and then all I care about is getting it done, fast! So this exercise failed, terribly! Hopefully I'll have more patients with the next one. At least it's good practice, working out the kinks, adding things, taking some away-    

-Piece by Piece: each flower motive done separately and the ends woven in.
-Colour Inspiration: I had just taken this top off the drying rack when I noticed that I have wool in the same colours, I then matched them up in the combination used on the top.

~this baby's mine~

Hope you had an amazing Monday!


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