Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Outfit Love: Bohemian Blue

Although the season is changing, the chill has crept into the once warmer breeze… we still have relatively warm days. It's a very confusing time "wardrobe wise". You have to constantly layer on and then take all the layers off again. But then again, our summers are much the same here. Our weather changes by the hour. I must confess, though, that I quite welcome Autumn. As most of you already know, I like to learn new skills as often as I can. Though I have done it before, I was never really good at it…that is why I decided to formally take on knitting this year. That's probably why I simply cannot wait for Winter to come!

Back to the outfit then, I always tend to lose track of what I intended to share with you. Guess it's like speaking to an old friend…sometimes I just have so much to share, I don't know where to start. Well, today I just wanted to share my half-bohemian outfit with you. I have always had a fascination with the attire of the Gypsies in the movies of old and the Bohemian folk in the movies of late… Sadly, I have never been able to pull it off myself. I still where my odd pieces merely because I love them. At least when I wear my Gypsy attire now, people don't think I'm crazy anymore. Back in the day, people would stare and think I'm weird. I tried and I learned to tone down my style to fit into society but now I wish I hadn't.    

-now, I have ended up with a strange mix of modern/retro/bohemian and sometimes a bit of rock in my fashion style. I seem to love way too many styles and cannot always create a whole identity for myself. One of my aunts once commented that I wear a totally different style every day, but that I make it work. I know this was a compliment but I thought to myself, that is exactly how I feel! Split into so many interests that I think I might have become lost in this sea of possibilities-

-wow! I'm really rambling on, aren't I? My cute shorts, flowy tank and gladiator sandals are all from Mr. Price from a long time ago. My bangles all have different stories: the chunky mosaic one is from an African Market in Natal, the wooden one is thrifted from Matchbox and the bronze one was my mother's. The shell beads are from a holiday spent with my best friend at the time, Katinka, at Sodwana. The textile necklace was made by me and the lovely cotton-knit overcoat was hand-me-down from my Gran. My Mom had given it to her for her birthday a year or so ago, my Gran says that she had picked up too much weight to fit into it anymore. It really is lovely and when I wear it I think of her-

I hope I didn't make your head spin too much, for some reason I have a lot to say tonight.

Well, I hope you had an amazing day, thanks for reading my story.


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  1. I know exactly what you mean about liking so many different styles. It's only in the last year that I've started to narrow down a more specific style for myself. This outfit is so perfectly beachy.


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