Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Outfit love - love Autumn

Well, it wasn't that cold during the morning but I had to put my jersey on later. Our days are becoming colder by the minute, especially after the cold and rainy weekend we just had! I just love the changing of seasons!
  • My lovely birdcage necklace from Skermunkil is really a work of art, I just love it!
  • Florals & polka dots dress - this lovely vintage looking dress, I found in the maternity section at Mr. Price. I just couldn't leave it alone, besides, who says you have to be pregnant to where one of these? I say "rules are meant to be broken"!
  • Resin & bone bangle, this one I bought while on holiday in the Natal. I always try to get something small as a token to mark certain times in my life.
  • Wooden bangle, this one stood out when I visited my friend at Matchbox and it hitched a ride home with me.
  • Ankle boots, these I got from Mr. Price last year, just as the winter ended. So I'm real happy  when I get a chance to where them.    

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