Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Friend!

Hey Natasha (Bamboo Blossom)! Happy Birthday to you! I'm so glad you like your prezzy....yay! I made you this "goody jar" which contains the following goodies:
  1. Vintage Buttons - because you love sewing
  2. A winter brooch - I made using vintage corduroy that I found at the charity shop
  3. Grape lipbalm - because it's yummy
  4. Rubber Ducky - just for fun
  5. Ice-cream scented bubbles - because it's awesome
  6. Mini crochet bunting - I made this one for your work area
  7. A lovely beaded handbag charm - but you can really put it anywhere you like<3 
 Thank you for inviting Dave and I to your party. It was awesome! The movie at Romantiques was great! I love "Some like it hot", Marilyn Monroe is so funny, and don't get me started on the cross-dressing Jack Lemmon and  Tony Curtis... Natasha also made all her guests party packs to enjoy during the movie. Those Brownies were yummy! Only, it was a bit difficult to see what you were eating in the dark theater and when the movie was out, Dave told me that he had almost dunked his brownie in the tomato sauce (which was meant for the pastry), hahaha! I don't even want to think what that would have tasted like, yuck! 

So after the movie we went to Tapa's for drinks and ended up having Nacho platters. OH MY WORD! I've had Nachos at various places, but this was by far the best Nachos I have ever had! Wow! Anyway, thanx for a really awesome time, friendy! Let's do it again!

-It was so nice meeting all Natasha's lovely friends, hope to see you guys again-



  1. Thank you, I love all of it. The bubbles smell so good. Oops, I forgot to tell everyone that the tomato sauce was in the little containers :)

  2. Well, I figured the tomato sauce was in the container (curious me...!!!!) long before I figured the rest out, yet still found myself almost dipping mr. Chocolate Brownie in it. Thank you Natasha for the tasty party packs! Was good seeing all these nice people!

  3. Maybe I need to find some glow in the dark boxes next time :D


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