Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Outfit Love

 Man, I just love these colours! 
  • My lovely leather trio of hearts necklace, is hand cut &made by me. They will soon be available forsale at our facebook shop, MishMash at R100 each.
  • This amazing Viscose, Navajo print scarf from MishMash is R95. 
  •  My favourite crochet bangle by OddOneOut seems to work with a lot of my outfits and it just adds that lovely detail that makes your outfit unique(similar crochet bangles R50 each from MishMash)
  • The tie-dyed dress is my own d.i.y. It was a beautiful white dress I bought at Mr.P some years ago. One day it came out of the wash full of yellow blotches because someone had put a new garment in the bundle which wasn't colour-fast. The dress was too pretty to throw out but I couldn't wear it like that, so I decided to dye it dark blue. It came out so nice, I wear it almost every day (weather permitting, that is...).
  • Lovely leather-look Brogues from Mr. P, they're so comfortable and the go with pretty much any outfit<3

 Love this outfit on a warm day<3



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