Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Summer OddOne's at Deja Vu!

Some lovely Summer goodies to look out for at Deja Vu's new shop in Hermanus (right above the Mug'n'Bean). They've got a beautiful spot there, over looking the centre of town and the sea... So whenever you're in the area, pop in at Deja Vu and support all the really awesome gifts and crafts that are handmade by the local Artists and Crafters.
My vintage, fabric, yo-yo brooches are so much fun and brighten up any outfit! Then I've also made some statement crochet wearing these myself:) The vintage denim bows are hairclips but you can put them anywhere you like;)
These Turquoise&Orange textile necklaces are my favourite out of all the textile necklaces I've made! The colour combination has such a positive effect on a person. When you put one of these babies on, you feel like you can do anything! I really loved making these, I even made an extra one for myself...


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