Saturday, January 29, 2011

- a heart with heart -

During 2010 I was continually inspired by so many bloggers... I have always had a thing for second hand shops and saving the planet and just trying to do my part. Always seeing the potential handbag where you might see a tea cozy. A crochet rug where you see plastic bags, a dress where you might see a bunch of old stinky ties... Well, after stumbling upon Heidi&Seek last year, Hayley(thinker maker) made me realize that I was well on the right track and that I could be even more environmentally conscious in my creating. So then I started thinking not only of what type of materials I use but also where it came from. That's when I started going to charity shops, not for my usual "item-to-be-transformed" but for items which fabric could used to make something totally new. My Gran turned 80 last year October and had received a beautiful American-themed-quilt from my uncle the month before...     

So I went to our local HOSPICE with the picture painted in my mind's eye and I found some old (all cotton) stuff :)

  1. I made my pattern from old newspaper and cut The front basis and the buttoned back out of the red blouse.
  2. Here I did the same, making smaller heart patterns and cutting one out of each of the other shirts, pinning them in place, I went to my sewing machine to applique one layer on top of the other.
  3. For the finishing touch, I made a crochet flower from postal string, worked it off. I cut a small circle from the off-cuts of the red blouse, placed it inside the flower, positioned it on my front piece and sewed it on with a button. Some more buttons were sewn on just because I love buttons.
  4. Using crochet thread, I out-lined some of the heart layers with zig-zag and cross-stitch embroidery stitches. Pinning my front and back panels together, facing each other, I sewed them together with my machine. I then used my buttoned back to turn inside out. 
 ...And there you have a pretty, cozy, American themed heart cushy...
 ... these buttons used to unbutton a shirt not long ago.
 A cushy like this one you just wanna squeeze!

Happy 80th Birthday, Ouma Oriel!
(standing next to my Gran, is my cousin Christa, from Honduras)
What a memorable day<3


  1. This cushion is adorable! Such a lovely idea.

  2. You're always seeing something beyond that plain old t-shirt or that stinky old you're giving new life to hopeless and useless items! Nice creative thinking Chane'...!!!!

  3. It's so fulfilling to make something useful and pretty out of something old and discarded and then give it to someone special:)


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