Monday, September 15, 2014

Great opportunity, learning from Nadia van der Mescht

A few weeks ago I was privileged enough to attend the Nadia van der Mescht Creative Business Workshop in Cape Town. I've been swooning over her Durban workshops and have followed her business tips on her blog. So you can understand my excitement when Natasha let me know that there was talk of Nadia coming to our neck of the woods, so to speak. Natasha and I both jumped at the opportunity to attend the Creative Business Workshop and took the long road to Cape Town in the very early hours of the morning. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep the previous night and that was to quite a disadvantage to me as I struggled so hard to stay awake during the workshop. I didn't want to miss anything.

We got there early enough to grab a coffee and then we headed off to Dear Me where the workshop was being hosted. What a lovely little hangout, we couldn't stop gawking at all the interesting details. I will have to take Dave there when we go to Cape Town again. As it was way too early to eat a heavy breakfast, Natasha and I both settled for the Cranberry Karma smoothy (I'm a sucker for anything "berry"). It was non-dairy and super delicious!    

We were able to take some pics of the lovely table settings before the rest of the ladies arrived. We also got to choose our seats (and by that I mean, scope out the prettiest zipper pouches). It was great to finally meet the lovely Nadia in person. The workshop was quite intense and I completely forgot to take more photos. I was way too busy making notes and trying to take everything in. Having learnt a great deal, one major thing stood to me, in order for me to get where I want to be in my business, I need to organise my thoughts on paper. Set goals, have someone to hold me accountable and then, take action. This is my biggest problem, so I need to focus on this part first. The rest will then fall into place!

As you can see above, we were treated with many sweet things! We had goody bags filled with the prettiest business cards and other lovely marketing tools. Some Creatives even sponsored pretty things for the day. The whole experience was just so memorable, the food, the ladies, the venue… Thanks to Nadia for going through the trouble to make this Workshop special for all of us who attended, it was so very inspirational.

Search the tag #nvdmlearn to see more photo's of the workshop and visit Bamboo BlossomLanalou Style and Hello Pretty to see what they thought of the Creative Business Workshop.

Have an amazing Monday!


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