Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crazy Days

This week has been so hectic! It started on Sunday morning when we were rudely awakened by screams(that sounded like a baby) and the fierce barking of our two dogs(Cara & Duke). So, up out of bed we jumped thinking something terrible was going on outside, just to find a scared, under fed, dehydrated, tick-infested Labrador pup sitting outside our gate. Naturally we took it in and were shocked at the state of the poor pup. We further noticed that it had an under developed lower jaw and that his front right paw looked as if it had been broken and had heeled up on it's own. So on Sunday we gave the pup a bath with tick&flea dip, fed him three times and treated him like a pup should be treated. Monday morning we took him to our local Vet, we spent four hours waiting in line and the pup slept the whole time. The Vet told us that the pup suffered from malnutrition which caused the deformity of the jaw and paw and the he might have contracted Parvo-virus( a virus that is quite fatal). We left the Vet with a lot of medicine and immune boosters to try and nurse the pup back to health. To give you an idea of how crazy my days have been; I've had very little sleep over the past four nights due to Puppy keeping us awake; I've been making a crochet scarf which is almost finished; went grocery shopping; got boxes; packed a few boxes(we're moving end of the month); went to my parents place to make sure it looks pretty for potential buyers(their house in Pretoria is for sale, they're already staying at the coast). Today I have to bake cookies, retouch a design for a client, pack some more boxes, finish my scarf and tonight I'm going to "Girly Creative" a creative get together of a few Graphic Designers, Artists and Crafters. What a mouth full! I will post the appropriate photo's soon...

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