Monday, April 16, 2012

Toffie Pop Culture Exhibition, Cape Town

...A quick overview of the amazingly talented people that participated in the Toffie Pop Culture Exhibition, 31 March of this year. We drove through to Cape Town, City Hall from Hermanus for the day and it was awesome! Man, I would love to be apart of this "behind the scenes"! If you know what I mean:)

From the top:
* Collective artwork - Camping
*Team Netherlands - Pier to Pier
*Sharkbro surfboards

 From left clockwise:
* Zimoun Sound Installation - Pro Helvetia
* Team Spain - modular ceramic totem-pole exhibition
* Salome and I - at her Vestibul stall
* Vestibul

From left clockwise:
* I love Screenprinting
* The lovely lady from the Rewardrobe stall, and me(unfortunately, I don't remember her name)
* Team Mexico - El Jimador Toffie Pop wrestling: 
- that's me left
- ...and that's Dave right



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